5 Most Popular Online Reviews Platform In Italy

Online reviews are no laughing matter, especially in a place you haven’t familiarized yourself with. Are you moving to Italy for the first time? Or are you there for just tourism Purposes? It would help if you got reviews from well-known sites to be on the safe side.

Everywhere including Italy, has defrauders building their review sites to counter the trusted ones, and you don’t want to fall victim on your first visit. This is why you need credible review sites and, most notably, a well-known one to stay out of difficulties.

As much as there are endlessly hilarious and entertaining reviews out there to get you confused, you should pay attention to the top review pages in Italy. Below are some of the sites you can check as a newbie in Italy.

1. Facebook’s Ratings and Reviews

Facebook ratings are one of the most popular and trusted review sites you can visit before patronizing an Italian brand.  It is the world’s largest social network, with over 2.7 billion monthly users, and one of the top ten most popular websites for global internet interaction. Right away, Facebook feedback will give you a significant advantage by giving you credible reviews from any brand in Italy you wish to patronize.

If the brand has a Facebook page for consumers to post their feedback, there is no way all the reviews will be compromised therefore leading you to make the right choices and spending wisely. Customers can not only leave ratings and read others’ thoughts, but they can also like and comment on other people’s feedback and pose questions.

2. Review.io

Reviews.io collects truthful reviews for Italian companies using an invite-only option, making it ideal for e-commerce, marketing, and other online business you want to patronize. Customers can only leave feedback if a business asks them to do so with an email invitation.

Customers may be asked to leave feedback on individual programs, goods, or the company as a whole. It is general knowledge that some Italian companies fail at some areas of their businesses and strive others. This review site will help you know what products to get from a particular company and others you shouldn’t move close to. It saves your money and time!

3. TrustRadius

TrustRadius focuses on software and service-based B2B businesses. Reviewers are also verified via LinkedIn, making it easy to create an account. As a student, you can use this site to pick the best out of all the businesses. It allows reviewers to compare a particular brand to another in terms of price and the end products. This will help you to choose a company that is affordable and trusted.

TrustRadius is an advantageous method because it shows all the problems and negativities a consumer faces while patronizing a brand. You don’t want to go through the same! Furthermore, since TrustRadius does not have a supported alternative, it is unquestionably one of the most trustworthy online review platforms available for you.

4. Angie’s List

Originally started as a review platform for startup businesses, Angie’s List has developed into a high-end, reputable site. It’s a paying website, but that’s all the better because you won’t get the usual ramblings and nonsense that come with free pages. Instead, reviews are much more thoughtful and meaningful as a result.

The reviews on this site can’t be anonymous, which aids in preventing spam and false answers. This site is a go-to on your first visit to Italy. Angie’s List also serves as a mediator between parties in a dispute, which means they can end up siding with a business over a shady client. However, ensure that the problem is coming from the client from your perspective.

5. The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB is a non-profit consumer advocacy organization with an online review platform founded on confidence. They assess all types of companies in Italy against a collection of criteria, presenting information and allowing customer feedback to speak for itself.

The BBB is another premium review site that gives consumers 100% freedom to speak on how reliable any Italian business is. This site is only based on truthful reviews, and it makes sure all the companies obey their code of conduct, giving no room for shadiness.