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Did you know what happened in the other half of the planet while you are busy scrolling down your Instagram feed? Did you even know about a new breakthrough in medicine despite your consistent presence in Facebook timeline?

Did you hear about government’s new regulations regarding certain matters while your attention is fully devoted to who that new chick at your school with hipster style? So many things happen in a matter of seconds all around the world. And if you use your smartphone only for the typical purposes like visiting agen bola website, you need to rethink your decision in buying the gadget in the first place.

Feeding your life with world news will keep you stay grounded and humble as different subject matters that are currently the trending topics will keep your eyes open and your perspective broader. Subjecting yourself only to the glamorous side of the world will eventually numb your mind.


This is not about making you smart; this is about giving yourself a chance to develop as a human being, first and foremost. Sensitivity and sensibility are greatly needed in a world where smartphones are the most common way of communicating with others and gathering news. As digital information spreads much faster than prints, updates should fall onto your laps within seconds after an event takes place, even if it happens miles away across the globe.

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Worst Scenario if Mount Agung in Bali Erupts

Do you like travelling to Bali? If you do, you must know about the update news recent about the eruption of Mount Agung in Bali? Well, Mount Agung is one of the volcano mounts in Indonesia. It means it can go active like this like what happen this day. Well, until this day, the Mount Agung is still recording the hundred tremors each day. More than 100,000 people is evacuated from the dangerous zone after the local authorities have declared the state of emerge. The expert says the large eruption can happen closely.

Until this day, the zone stretches to 12 km around the Mount because the Mount activity is rising up. The seismic tremors volcano is increasing in intensity, number, and reduction in the depth so this is a good indication that the magma is moving up to the surface. There are two more signs that the eruption is close: the bulging on the surface of volcano and the gas emissions from the summit. The gas emission was a sign of pressure under the ground was become too great, by sending the magma towards the summit and releasing gas and steam in the process of it.

Even though you are not in Bali, but you also should prepare for the worst scene if someday the Agung Mount is erupted. Why? If we learned from the history, this Mount Agung had been erupted on 1963 and it made a huge impact toward the global climate. The global climate is getting lower to 0.4 degree Celsius. It is not only about the climate, there were more than 1,000 people died and more hundreds were injured because of the Mount eruption on 1963. At that time, there are no advance technologies which can warn the local to evacuate from the red zone, so that more than 1,000 people died without warning.

Mount Agung - Bali

Do you know? The great eruption on 1963 had been emitting the ash, gas, and rock spread out up to 14,000 kilometers and reached Singapore. Can you imagine how hard the eruption is? Learning from the history, now the local government has been prepared it if the Mount Agung is erupted like in the past one as well as the local does. They want to evacuate themselves because they feel like the Agung Mount will explode like the past one. They have a bad memory through the explosion of the past.

The Mount Agung also has been erupted on the past, not in 1963 only because it has erupted on 1808, 1821, and 1843. Three of those eruptions are explosive with the sign of emitting the ash, rock, and lava. The Mount Agung is a young active volcano which has a very long history to repeat the explosive eruptions. Thus, if you don’t live around Bali Island, you should be prepared from the worst scene if the Mount Agung is released the large eruption like what it did on 1963. You should know that the explosion will change the world climate effectively.


Chechen Gay Torturing

Recently, a Chechen gay has confirmed about his misfortune as a gay in Chechnya, Russia. He was kidnapped and mistreated by the local police since he was being a gay. Actually, the rumor about any gay torturing happen in Chechnya had been exposed since 6 months ago. Last May, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, had already confirmed to improve law enforcement in case to supports human right of the resident in Chechnya, since it is related to the abusive case.

After that occasion, there is nothing really proven that the abusive treat has been done in Chechnya. Even some activists only said it is a rumor that has been a deceive story coming from no one. But, after the appearance of Maxim Lapunov few days ago on one of new media, the story seems to be clearer. It can be stated that the abusive treat was not only a hoax.

Maxim Lapunov as reported by is a Chechen gay who has become a resident in Chechnya for two years. He is a 30 year Siberian that became a victim of torturing by the police. He made a revelation about the kidnapping which made him traumatic. Once he was caught up by two unknown men and brought to a car. They always ask him the question and yell to make him says that he is a gay. Moreover, the men asked him to tell another name who is also a gay so that they can clear up all gay residents in Chechnya.

Maxim Lapunov

That’s the story which had been shared by Lapunov few days ago. On the other hand, the men who have been expected as police always torture him with physical abuse. He was beaten on the back, ribs, and other parts of his body until he gave the information about other gay residents. As a victim, Lapunov had already been tortured also by some electric jolt even after he loses his energy. Lapunov was always being told that he would be killed soon after the torturing. During 12 days of kidnapping, he got himself in the soaked blood cell.

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Lapunov becomes the first victim who speaks about this tragedy to the public. Previously, about 27 men were reported being fled to southern Russia to get the safe place. It is done by the LGBT network in Russia which really cares about the abusive case which occurs to LGBT. Seeing the fact that this revelation has shocked many residents, there should be more investigation to conduct by government. Moreover, through Lapunov report, it is hard for him to give this revelation to the media.

Especially, if his relatives know about him, it might be a big problem. So, there should be any action to do to protect the gay. Whoever you are, since all of them are residents, there should be the same rights to hold and protect. It is much important because Lapunov said; we would not know who will be the next tortured victim. It is seen from his report that the men still look for any gay to be removed.

Daphne Caruana Galizia

Daphne Caruana Galizia was died last Monday (16/10/2017) because a bomb attack happened while she was driving. The government and forensic team still do some investigation to seek the cause of this bomb attack. Even though there is still no clear answer by about this tragedy, but some issues say the cause of this murder is related to political tactic.

As it is known that Daphne is one of political blogger, there must be a relation through this murder. As the information has spread widely, it is stated that one of Daphne’s children heard the blast of the car. It was because Daphne’s car was exploded not far from her home while she was driving. After the explosion, it was known that many residents were gathered in Sliema in the evening. They do vigil for the murdered Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Daphne was succeeded to reveal the corruption case which was related to Panama Paper and the wife of PM Malta. She has also known as a good blogger that tends to give sharp critics to the government doing on some policies. Daphne’s blog still becomes a center of attention since her writing is really great about political aspects. During her journey as a journalist, she has succeeded to reveal many corruption cases. Perhaps, there is a political motive which trigger this murder happened. But, seeing this incident, the PM Muscat denied any rumors.

Tweet From President Tajani

He said, even though Daphne Caruana Galizia had some rough critics on government in political terms, he still wanted justice to be executed. He said that there should not be any barbaric treats like this. Therefore, he condemns any treats like this which result murdered victim. From the local media, it is known that the explosion was so great until it made the car becomes the debris. Meanwhile, Daphne’s corpse was found near the empty land not far from the explosion area. In this incident, she left her husband and three children.

Daphne was one of great blogger that are loved by the residents and too. On the night of vigil, the residents brought many candles and shouted their opinion through some banners. They were very disappointed with the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia since it is barbaric. Many residents wrote on the banner to deliver their disappointments. It shows how actually government is insecure of one of their resident act that actually reveals the truth for all.

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Through this incident, it is known that the murder occurred 4 months after the winning of election PM Muscat. Actually, there was some report coming from Daphne itself to the police few days ago. She got some unknown messages like terrors that were still in the process of the government. In this case, PM Malta Joseph Muscat also asks help from international institution such as FBI to help them clearing the case until the end. This murder should be investigated and the government must find the perpetrator. Therefore, all teams including FBI still conduct more investigation to find the truth behind this murder.

Sebastian Kurz

In this beginning of the week, there is hot news from world. The big news appears and takes people’s attention. From politics, Sebastian Kurz becomes the headline. It is said that he is going to be world’s youngest national leader. He is set to win general election in his country, Austria. On Sunday, Austria held legislative elections. In this election, his party, The conservative People’s Party, wins the election with 31.4%.

There are two others party following behind People’s Party. In second position, there is nationalist Freedom Party that gets 27.4% of the vote and Social Democratic Party that gets 26.7% of the vote. With this result, People’s Party get the highest vote and this leads Sebastian Kurz, the leader of this party, to be the leader of Austria, and he becomes the youngest leader of nations in the world. His age, 31 years old, is the factor that makes him the youngest leader in the world. He is still 31 years old, but his careers in politic cannot be argued or doubted.

When he was 27 years old, he has become foreign minister. Up to the election, he is still in the position of country’s foreign minister. This status also makes him the youngest foreign minister in Europe. Then, in 2017, he became the leader of People’s Party, the party that brings him the position of national leader after winning the election lately. He was appointed as the leader of People’s Party after the former leader of party, Reinhold Mitterlehner stepped down. He used to be Chancellor of Austria. He could be chosen and appointed as new leader of party after he got 98.7% of votes.

31-years-old Sebastian Kurz

Before he got the position of leader in the party, he was active in the youth wing in party. His career and leadership is even compared to the other young leaders coming from France and Canada. There are Emmanuel Macron in France and Justin Trudeau in Canada that have become young leader of the nation also, although they are not as young as Kurz when they are chosen as national leader. With his bright career, he is called as the Wonder Child and Wonder Hotshot.

However, in his next step, it is said that he needs to form a coalition to get stronger power in government since the votes he get still cannot be called as major votes. It is predicted that Kurz is going to make alliance with the second position in election, the Freedom Party.

This will be a coalition that has right-wing orientation and it is said that the parliament will be anti-immigrant parliament. However, Kurz is said to wait for the final result of election that will e announced on Thursday. The official announcement of results will be announced and declared on October 31.

Related to Kurz, he is known for his controversial stance. He has anti-immigration stance and he is so radical with this stance. Even, it is said that in June, he wanted to create a controversial steps. He wanted to abolish kindergartens of Moslems.

Then, he also said that Austria would not want to take more migrants and also refugees coming from Africa and Middle-East. This statement was delivered and told to European Union. Related to the migrants coming for asylum in Europe, Austria accepted 90,000 of them in 2015.