Arsene Wenger Resigns After 22 Years Serving The Club

Arsene Wenger Resigns
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As the Arsenal fans, you may be shocked with the resignation of the managers of Arsenal FC, Arsene Wenger. He has brought the curtain down after 22 years in serving the club.This French manages won 6 FA Cups and 3 league titles during his time at The Emirates and Highbury. So, those are the best moments of Arsene Wenger when managing the club.
According to Arsene Wenger that this decision is as the result of his consideration and the discussion with the club. And, at the end of the season, he will officially no stay longer in the club. As you and fans from can see from the Wenger Press Conference, that was emotional. ôI have enjoyed every single at Arsenal. Preparing and training the team, managing the money and buying the players on the low price, going out of every competition, and many more, I miss the cycle alreadyö said Arsene Wenger.
Stan Kroenke as Arsenal’s majority shareholder gave tribute to the resignation of Wenger and praised his influence on Arsenal. He said that these days are the most difficult days that we have the manager leaves us. Besides, the one main reason I involved with the gang that I am considering what Arsen have done with the club. His professionalism and consistency is a sustained period that will never be matched at the highest level of the game
“We all know that Wenger is loved by the club and fans of Arsenal who owe him a gratitude. There is three Premier League title which has gained with him and seven FA Cup triumph and 20 years serving in the Champion League is the most remarkable record. He also put his vision of the identity of our English football club.” stated Kroenke. Thank you, Arsene Wenger, for your long-lasting service for almost 22 years.

Indonesia’s Film Censorship Institute Says No Cut Scenes For Avengers: Infinity War

For Avengers
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The latest series superhero movie from Marvel, Avengers: Infinity War is the most anticipated superhero movie in the worldwide including Indonesia. According to Joe Russo, Avenger’ Infinity War was spending 10 years in the making and spanning this movie. And, many big fans of Indonesia are waiting for this movie to be played in Indonesia. As it was reported, this Marvel’s movie will be released on April 25, 2018, in the United States and April 27, 2018, in Indonesia. But, a few weeks ago, there was a rumor that this movie would be censored for 7 minutes long.
This third avenger was placed to be the climax of all of the stories that have come in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie franchises. This soon-to-be-released Marvel movie is directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. They are the directors of previous Marvel movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War. In addition, almost living characters of Avengers will be included and join with the Guardians of the Galaxy in order to take down Thanos. This movie has rating PG-13 which means for 13 years old. And, this genre of this movie is Sci-Fi and Action.
According to the post of the Jakarta Post a few weeks ago, Marvel big fans from Indonesia are guaranteed to watch the shorter version of Avengers: Infinity War. After, Indonesia’ Film Censorship Institute thought and decided to cut up to 7 minutes scenes of the film in order to adhere to Indonesia’s PG-13 rating qualifications. This news was shocked the director, Joe Russo and he have not idea what parts of the movie that should be censored. Conflicting the opinions from Nontonfilm88 toward the duration cut of the movie can be the heart problem. Seven minutes cut may change the film and it could spell difference the story.
Responding to the news that Big fans of Marvel’s movie will see the shorter version of Avengers: Infinity War. Indonesia’s Film Censorship Board (LSF) has announced that Avengers: Infinity War will be not censored of any scenes by the agency. The LSF stated in their twitter that the film of Avengers: Infinity War has passed the censorship for the PG +13 rating with no scenes cut. In addition, the agency stated that the agency received the movie with a 149-minute duration and they did not receive a 156-minute duration of the film. According to the that Disney does not know the exact time of how long the movie is.

Worst Scenario if Mount Agung in Bali Erupts

Worst Scenario if Mount Agung in Bali Erupts
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Do you like travelling to Bali? If you do, you must know about the update news recent about the eruption of Mount Agung in Bali? Well, Mount Agung is one of the volcano mounts in Indonesia. It means it can go active like this like what happen this day. Well, until this day, the Mount Agung is still recording the hundred tremors each day. More than 100,000 people is evacuated from the dangerous zone after the local authorities have declared the state of emerge. The expert says the large eruption can happen closely.

Until this day, the zone stretches to 12 km around the Mount because the Mount activity is rising up. The seismic tremors volcano is increasing in intensity, number, and reduction in the depth so this is a good indication that the magma is moving up to the surface. There are two more signs that the eruption is close: the bulging on the surface of volcano and the gas emissions from the summit. The gas emission was a sign of pressure under the ground was become too great, by sending the magma towards the summit and releasing gas and steam in the process of it.

Even though you are not in Bali, but you also should prepare for the worst scene if someday the Agung Mount is erupted. Why? If we learned from the history, this Mount Agung had been erupted on 1963 and it made a huge impact toward the global climate. The global climate is getting lower to 0.4 degree Celsius. It is not only about the climate, there were more than 1,000 people died and more hundreds were injured because of the Mount eruption on 1963. At that time, there are no advance technologies which can warn the local to evacuate from the red zone, so that more than 1,000 people died without warning.

Mount Agung - Bali

Do you know? The great eruption on 1963 had been emitting the ash, gas, and rock spread out up to 14,000 kilometers and reached Singapore. Can you imagine how hard the eruption is? Learning from the history, now the local government has been prepared it if the Mount Agung is erupted like in the past one as well as the local does. They want to evacuate themselves because they feel like the Agung Mount will explode like the past one. They have a bad memory through the explosion of the past.

The Mount Agung also has been erupted on the past, not in 1963 only because it has erupted on 1808, 1821, and 1843. Three of those eruptions are explosive with the sign of emitting the ash, rock, and lava. The Mount Agung is a young active volcano which has a very long history to repeat the explosive eruptions. Thus, if you don’t live around Bali Island, you should be prepared from the worst scene if the Mount Agung is released the large eruption like what it did on 1963. You should know that the explosion will change the world climate effectively.


A Shocking Revelation of the Chechen Gay Torturing

Chechen Gay Torturing
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Recently, a Chechen gay has confirmed about his misfortune as a gay in Chechnya, Russia. He was kidnapped and mistreated by the local police since he was being a gay. Actually, the rumor about any gay torturing happen in Chechnya had been exposed since 6 months ago. Last May, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, had already confirmed to improve law enforcement in case to supports human right of the resident in Chechnya, since it is related to the abusive case.

After that occasion, there is nothing really proven that the abusive treat has been done in Chechnya. Even some activists only said it is a rumor that has been a deceive story coming from no one. But, after the appearance of Maxim Lapunov few days ago on one of new media, the story seems to be clearer. It can be stated that the abusive treat was not only a hoax.

Maxim Lapunov as reported by is a Chechen gay who has become a resident in Chechnya for two years. He is a 30 year Siberian that became a victim of torturing by the police. He made a revelation about the kidnapping which made him traumatic. Once he was caught up by two unknown men and brought to a car. They always ask him the question and yell to make him says that he is a gay. Moreover, the men asked him to tell another name who is also a gay so that they can clear up all gay residents in Chechnya.

Maxim Lapunov

That’s the story which had been shared by Lapunov few days ago. On the other hand, the men who have been expected as police always torture him with physical abuse. He was beaten on the back, ribs, and other parts of his body until he gave the information about other gay residents. As a victim, Lapunov had already been tortured also by some electric jolt even after he loses his energy. Lapunov was always being told that he would be killed soon after the torturing. During 12 days of kidnapping, he got himself in the soaked blood cell.

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Lapunov becomes the first victim who speaks about this tragedy to the public. Previously, about 27 men were reported being fled to southern Russia to get the safe place. It is done by the LGBT network in Russia which really cares about the abusive case which occurs to LGBT. Seeing the fact that this revelation has shocked many residents, there should be more investigation to conduct by government. Moreover, through Lapunov report, it is hard for him to give this revelation to the media.

Especially, if his relatives know about him, it might be a big problem. So, there should be any action to do to protect the gay. Whoever you are, since all of them are residents, there should be the same rights to hold and protect. It is much important because Lapunov said; we would not know who will be the next tortured victim. It is seen from his report that the men still look for any gay to be removed.