A feature of Log In with Facebook’ Lets Web Trackers Pick Up Data Users

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Most of all the people in the world may have a Facebook account. As you know that Facebook is one of the social media which have the biggest users among others. Simple, easy-to-connect, and interesting social media can be one of the best media to interact with other people around the world. Besides, the users are allowed to share their thoughts in the form of text, images or videos. But, recently, there is a fact that the users may do not know. And here we would like to share with you all!
Do you know that Log In with Facebook’ feature may allow the web trackers scoop your data? Nowadays, many websites or marketing firms may abuse a Facebook Login feature in order to secretly track the Facebook users on the Internet. This feature allows you log in to websites using your Facebook accounts rather than to create accounts via the web. But, the Princeton University studies showed that Facebook Login feature is disputable to abuse. They assumed that https://bluebet88.org online web trackers can scoop Facebook user data including IDs and Email addresses.
The researcher stated that when the Facebook users grant a website to access to their Facebook social media profile, it means that they are not only believing with the website, but also third parties enrooted on the site. According to their tracking scripts, the researcher found over 400 websites that are exploiting the feature æLog In with Facebook’ in order to help the business better monetize or detect their users.
However, the problem scale of this phenomena is relatively small. The list of the affected domains is not contained mainstream sites. For example, like the most popular newspaper website in Indonesia which allows the users to log in using their Facebook account. In the end, you should wisely use your social media in order to keep your data safe.

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