Arsene Wenger Resigns After 22 Years Serving The Club

Arsene Wenger Resigns
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As the Arsenal fans, you may be shocked with the resignation of the managers of Arsenal FC, Arsene Wenger. He has brought the curtain down after 22 years in serving the club.This French manages won 6 FA Cups and 3 league titles during his time at The Emirates and Highbury. So, those are the best moments of Arsene Wenger when managing the club.
According to Arsene Wenger that this decision is as the result of his consideration and the discussion with the club. And, at the end of the season, he will officially no stay longer in the club. As you and fans from can see from the Wenger Press Conference, that was emotional. ôI have enjoyed every single at Arsenal. Preparing and training the team, managing the money and buying the players on the low price, going out of every competition, and many more, I miss the cycle alreadyö said Arsene Wenger.
Stan Kroenke as Arsenal’s majority shareholder gave tribute to the resignation of Wenger and praised his influence on Arsenal. He said that these days are the most difficult days that we have the manager leaves us. Besides, the one main reason I involved with the gang that I am considering what Arsen have done with the club. His professionalism and consistency is a sustained period that will never be matched at the highest level of the game
“We all know that Wenger is loved by the club and fans of Arsenal who owe him a gratitude. There is three Premier League title which has gained with him and seven FA Cup triumph and 20 years serving in the Champion League is the most remarkable record. He also put his vision of the identity of our English football club.” stated Kroenke. Thank you, Arsene Wenger, for your long-lasting service for almost 22 years.

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