Mo Farah, The Fastest British Runner In British History Breaks The Record As The Third-finish in London Marathon 2018

Mo Farah
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No one does not know Mo Farah who is the fastest long-distance runner in the British History. His adventurous performance in the London Marathon 2018 made him to the third-place in his second London Marathon. Mo Farah crossed the finish line in a time of 2:06:21, and the Steve Jones as the second-place crossed the line in 2:07:13. In spite, they mix-ups with water bottles that he said that the staff is taking a picture rather than helping him to find his water bottles.
In addition, this London Marathon was won by the Olympic, Champion, Eliud Kipchoge. He is known as the greatest long distance runner ever in the world. He won the race with crossing the line in a time of 2:04:27. After the remarkable start, it appeared that Kipchoge may be in the intention to break the world’s fastest marathon runner. But, he appeared that he was unable to maintain his speed in the final miles in the scorching conditions. You may know that Farah had the disappointing performance in London Marathon debut in 2014. He was in the eighth-place. But, in this race, his performance has improved on his return after an intensive training in Ethiopia in three months. The 35-year-old runner has won 10 world and Olympic titles as a track runner. Now, he is focusing on marathon runner which is his start to his career in the longer distance.
Additionally from the impressive Farah’s speed was being disrupted with two mix-ups. First, they had put so much effort and times to identify his bottle on two separate occasions. He said that the drink station was confusing, the staff was trying to take the pictures rather than helping to find my bottle unless they were helping at the end. According to the Farah’s coach’s wife, Paula Radcliffe, she has never seen than Farah looked so exhausted before. And, he crossed the line in a exhaustion and collapsed to the ground few meters from the line.

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