31-years-old Sebastian Kurz is Going to be Youngest Leader in the World

Sebastian Kurz
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In this beginning of the week, there is hot news from world. The big news appears and takes people’s attention. From politics, Sebastian Kurz becomes the headline. It is said that he is going to be world’s youngest national leader. He is set to win general election in his country, Austria. On Sunday, Austria held legislative elections. In this election, his party, The conservative People’s Party, wins the election with 31.4%.

There are two others party following behind People’s Party. In second position, there is nationalist Freedom Party that gets 27.4% of the vote and Social Democratic Party that gets 26.7% of the vote. With this result, People’s Party get the highest vote and this leads Sebastian Kurz, the leader of this party, to be the leader of Austria, and he becomes the youngest leader of nations in the world. His age, 31 years old, is the factor that makes him the youngest leader in the world. He is still 31 years old, but his careers in politic cannot be argued or doubted.

When he was 27 years old, he has become foreign minister. Up to the election, he is still in the position of country’s foreign minister. This status also makes him the youngest foreign minister in Europe. Then, in 2017, he became the leader of People’s Party, the party that brings him the position of national leader after winning the election lately. He was appointed as the leader of People’s Party after the former leader of party, Reinhold Mitterlehner stepped down. He used to be Chancellor of Austria. He could be chosen and appointed as new leader of party after he got 98.7% of votes.

31-years-old Sebastian Kurz

Before he got the position of leader in the party, he was active in the youth wing in party. His career and leadership is even compared to the other young leaders coming from France and Canada. There are Emmanuel Macron in France and Justin Trudeau in Canada that have become young leader of the nation also, although they are not as young as Kurz when they are chosen as national leader. With his bright career, he is called as the Wonder Child and Wonder Hotshot.

However, in his next step, it is said that he needs to form a coalition to get stronger power in government since the votes he get still cannot be called as major votes. It is predicted that Kurz is going to make alliance with the second position in election, the Freedom Party.

This will be a coalition that has right-wing orientation and it is said that the parliament will be anti-immigrant parliament. However, Kurz is said to wait for the final result of election that will e announced on Thursday. The official announcement of results will be announced and declared on October 31.

Related to Kurz, he is known for his controversial stance. He has anti-immigration stance and he is so radical with this stance. Even, it is said that in June, he wanted to create a controversial steps. He wanted to abolish kindergartens of Moslems.

Then, he also said that Austria would not want to take more migrants and also refugees coming from Africa and Middle-East. This statement was delivered and told to European Union. Related to the migrants coming for asylum in Europe, Austria accepted 90,000 of them in 2015.